What’s a Union?

What’s union?

A union is an organization of workers joined together for a common purpose, for mutual aid and protection, to engage in concerted activity and collective bargaining, to elevate their conditions of life and labor. It is an organization by which ordinary people come together to accomplish extraordinary things.

Why join a union?

By joining together, we have more of a say in our working lives. With a union we can negotiate with Delta for better wages and benefits, fair treatment, safe working conditions, a harassment and discrimination-free workplace and equal treatment.

These goals can be achieved because of the strength, which comes from our unity- a very old and widely used concept.

The nations  of the world join the United Nations, many businesses–including Delta–join the Chamber of Commerce and doctors join the American Medical Association.

All such participants recognize the power that comes from joining together to work toward common goals.

As working people who recognize there is strength in numbers, we join unions to further our common goals. Through unions we achieve a strong voice; A voice that cannot be dismissed by management.

We have the right to elect the officers of our Local Lodges, attend union meetings where the members set policy for our officers to carry out and vote on contracts that our representatives negotiate.

Our Union Contract:

Union members working for signatory employers are covered by a union contract. Contracts cover such rights and benefits as:

  • Wages: Fair rates of pay for each job, etc.
  • Working Conditions: Job security, safety and health, personal rights, and fair treatment.
  • Hours: Rest periods, holidays, vacation, overtime pay, etc.
  • Benefits: Hospitalization, pensions, etc.
  • Grievance Procedures: Is a procedure for resolving a dispute with your employer.

Our contract will be negotiated with management by our (elected) co-workers with help from IAM International staff. Every member has the right to make suggestions about what should be in our contract and to vote on a final “tentative agreement.” To gain a good contract, members have to show that they are united in support of their negotiating team.

The working conditions and benefits in our contract will be guaranteed. During the term of our contract, management cannot legally change it without negotiating with our union representatives, co-workers elected by us, and then the entire membership, by vote, would have to approve any such modification.


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