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IAM Files Charges Against Delta Air Lines for Anti-Union Tactics

WASHINGTON, May 15, 2019 — The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today filed election interference charges with the National Mediation Board (NMB) against Delta Air Lines.

The IAM has overwhelming evidence that Delta Air Lines has interfered with the Flight Attendants and Ramp employees’ lawful right to seek a vote for union representation free from interference, influence or coercion exercised by the carrier.

“The IAM has provided the NMB with evidence showing Delta has run an unlawful, systematic anti-union campaign that includes intimidation, discipline and terminations of union activists,” said IAM General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “Last week, the public was able to see what many behind the walls of Delta have always known; that Delta will go to great lengths to suppress their employees’ collective voices.”

Some examples of Delta’s illegal activity include a coordinated misinformation campaign through postings and electronic messages in the workplace, surveilling and photographing employees participating in union activities and the singling out and termination of union activists. The complete IAM complaint can be viewed here.

“Our government has a duty to protect the rights and freedoms of working people. Now is a chance to right this injustice, support workplace democracy and stand up for Delta workers,” said Pantoja.

The IAM is the world’s largest airline union, representing more than 110,000 airline employees in North America. For more information about the IAM/Delta campaigns visit and


Delta Flight Attendant Uniform Issue Update: NIOSH Reaches Out to IAM Delta Campaign

Representatives from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) yesterday reached out to the IAM Delta campaign and the Delta Flight Attendants who requested a Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) of the flight attendants’ uniforms that have caused adverse health reactions among countless Delta Flight Attendants.

NIOSH stated that the federal agency will begin its inquiry in the coming weeks.

Agency representatives stated also that Delta Flight Attendants who are going in for patch testing should bring their own uniforms that they have worn and not the swatches being supplied by Delta. Delta is sending their hand picked swatches to health care providers to be tested and not the actual pieces worn by the Delta Flight Attendants who are going for patch testing. NIOSH stated that Delta Flight Attendants should insist that their uniforms be tested and not the company supplied swatches. If denied, flight attendants should document that denial.

It was also conveyed to NIOSH that the uniforms that were wear tested were made in the United States and their origination is known. This is not the case for the uniforms that Delta Flight Attendants are now wearing. NIOSH representatives expressed concern regarding this fact.

We will keep you updated on all developments regarding the HHE.

Please click here to for HHE FAQs.

Please click here to submit a RASH REPORT, if you are suffering an adverse health reaction from wearing your uniform and to learn more about he issue.

Read the article in the Guardian.

We will keep you apprised of the next steps in this process.  ​


The IAM, with the help of three courageous Delta Flight Attendants, today filed a Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to determine the safety of Delta Flight Attendant uniforms. NIOSH will respond to our request within 10 days.

NIOSH, based on our request, will evaluate our uniforms and determine if they pose a health hazard. Upon its findings, NIOSH will issue a report which will be shared with all interested parties.

In a recent communication, “Onboard with Allison,” Senior Vice President of Inflight Service, Allison Ausband, sugar-coated the seriousness of our uniform problem and claimed that the complaints are from “a small number of Delta’s 64,000 uniformed employees.”

The truth is, we have no idea how many employees have complained, and how far reaching this problem is. That is why we are seeking an independent federal agency to intervene. And, we are receiving reports from many Delta Flight Attendants that they fear retaliation from Delta management if they were to report their adverse health reaction/s due to our uniforms.

Some Flight Attendants have even been removed from the line. Some have been given the option to wear a black suit. Some are just not reporting and dealing with varied health issues rather than risk losing the job they love.

What we do know is that there is a serious problem that Delta Flight Attendants did not cause, and it is a problem that needs to be addressed by an entity other than Delta management.

Please click here to for HHE FAQs:

Please click here to submit a RASH REPORT, if you are suffering an adverse health reaction from wearing your uniform:

We will keep you apprised of the next steps in this process.


IAM DELTA Rolls Out RASH REPORT to Collect Uniform Toxicity Data

It begins as a whisper.

“I’m not complaining, but my nose runs every time I put on the new uniform.”

Swells to a rumble.

“Our little dog has red spots on his skin from lying on a pile of ZP pieces!”

Grows to alarm.

“My doctor determined my respiratory problems are caused by our toxic uniform.”

Becomes unconscionable.

“My beautiful baby’s face is blistering! I cuddled her before I left for work in the signature dress.”

Yet results in no urgency.

“We want you to look and feel your best when wearing your uniform, so we’re partnering with students to design a scarf that stays in place!”

Suffering, illness, despair, corporate inaction. How much more will we accept?

If you have experienced uniform toxicity symptoms, please report them immediately using IAM’s confidential and anonymous Reporting Advocacy for Safety and Health (RASH) Report page.

IAM Delta believes in our power to change our work environment together, without fear of retribution. Sign an IAM card for transparency in dangerous OJI trends and compassionate, consistent solutions to career-threatening working conditions.





IAM Transportation General Vice President (GVP) Sito Pantoja and Chief of Staff (COS) Joseph Tiberi were invited to participate this week at a Transportation Labor and Manufacturers Summit held at Casina Pio IV in Vatican City. The summit was jointly sponsored by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and the Vatican’s Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS)on the topics of Climate Change, Human Trafficking, Technology and Transport.

“During this Summit, participants will have the opportunity to exchange their experiences, concerns and good practices regarding respect for the environment and the dignity of all human beings,” said PAS Chancellor H.E. Msgr. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo. “We want to hope that the culture of dialogue and discernment outlined by Pope Francis, that this new Summit intends to carry out with the leaders of the transport union and manufacturers – as previous PAS summits have done with different leaders of various social groups and classes, such as religious leaders, mayors, judges and doctors from different parts of the world – may decisively move society, from top to bottom and vice versa, to face the challenge of our time and feel the call to a deep ecological conversion.”

GVP Pantoja, a member of the ITF Executive Board, spoke about the threat that new technology presents to workers, and the even bigger threat from corporate and political campaigns against workers. “Carriers like United, Southwest and others closed reservation centers because of the internet,” said Pantoja. “New technology forces unions to adapt in the face of anti-union forces. The loss of jobs from new technology is bad enough. But when politicians are continually passing laws that make it harder to organize the jobs created by new technology, the impact on labor unions and workers is multiplied.”

GVP Pantoja also noted that technology is not the biggest threat faced by workers. Even more serious are the direct attacks on workers’ ability to organize to enhance their lives. “The only reason that union density has declined over the last 20 years is because there has been an assault on workers who want to organize, said Pantoja. “Delta Air Lines has fired people who support the IAM’s organizing drive. It is the economic death penalty for these people. The only way we can maintain a balance and protect workers is to make sure we elect politicians that have the interests of working people in mind.”

As Chair of the ITF’s Civil Aviation Section, COS Tiberi represented more than 2 million aviation workers worldwide and led a discussion on the scourge of human trafficking. Tiberi called for universal mandatory training for all passenger-facing airline personnel to help identify human trafficking in aviation. “Not everyone who boards an aircraft does so willingly,” said Tiberi. “Human traffickers use our aircraft as modern-day slave ships. Civil aviation is an artery that unwittingly provides passage to predators and their victims. Our industry is being exploited by traffickers who want to turn human life into a commodity. We will be accomplices to this most egregious human rights violation if we do not do everything in our power to stop it.”

Other topics discussed among the group of labor leaders, employers and academics from across the globe were autonomous vehicles, wage slavery, climate change and high-speed rail. The two-day Summit was moderated by PAS Chancellor Sánchez Sorondo.


Delta executives set profit sharing for Valentine’s Day, hoping we’ll associate that pay with love.
But since Delta’s work rules and benefits trail behind those in union contracts, profit sharing is not a “bonus” like it is for unionized flight attendants. It’s part of our compensation package, bringing us closer to industry standard.
That money is earned and justified for working harder than any other flight attendant group. For doing exponentially more service with less staffing.
For having the worst healthcare and sick time of any airline. And for doing the job even when our workspaces are more unworkable than ever.
Profit sharing has to fund our outrageous insurance, cover dropped trips because we don’t have paid sick time, pad our retirement, and be saved for recovering from a work-related disability.
Delta’s profits exist because of our low-cost labor.
Management is congratulating us for costing less and working harder than anyone else! So, buy yourself a little something, sock the rest away, and let’s continue to fight for industry-leading benefits and work rules.
Those are lasting rewards that only an IAM contract can bring.
Think bigger.
Be fearless.
Sign an IAM Card.


Close your eyes and imagine a world where we have 500% more sick time.
Picture the first 100 hours: FSMs can’t question, threaten, harass, or intimidate you for exercising your right to use those hours. Can’t require a doctor’s note because it’s the third sick call on A-days, or on a weekend, or around a holiday.
Visualize the company reimbursing you for that $150 visit to a clinic because your manager nonetheless doubted your loyalty, your dedication to the brand.
Then consider being rewarded for not using your safety net, getting extra vacation days for staying below an approved annual call-out target.
Now open your eyes.
This “fantasy” already exists for our pilots. The company willingly negotiated all of it!
Think bigger.
Be fearless.
Sign an IAM Card.


Rudolph was minding his own business doing reindeer things when a jolly guy with a critical task saw something in him. A special spark. A talent. That light.

Nobody else thought it was the job for him. It seemed too important for a little buck. Couldn’t somebody more senior in the herd do it, and let Rudolph settle back into obscurity?

Nope. Santa wouldn’t have it. Ol’ Kris Kringle knew that without every elf working behind the scenes, every reindeer pulling in the same direction—and Rudolph leading the way—they’d never deliver those packages to the nice kids.

Unleash your inner Rudolph this season! Light the way for those who can’t see through the fog of disinformation and interference at work. Present an IAM card to your co-worker elves, get them to carry cards, and let’s deliver a shiny new contract to every Delta Flight Attendant.

Happy Holidays to the hardest working crews in the business.

PDF: Rudolph was minding his own business doing reindeer things

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