ATLANTA, March 26, 2024More than 19,000 Delta Air Lines ground workers in 46 U.S. cities expressed gratitude to members of Congress who support their campaign for union representation and collective bargaining rights

Delta workers also received support from members of the Georgia Congressional Delegation

In a letter, the workers thanked lawmakers for urging Delta CEO Ed Bastian to remain neutral in their unionization efforts. This neutrality would ensure workers can decide, without management influence, whether union representation aligns with their interests.

However, they found Bastian’s response to the congressional inquiry concerning. It lacked acknowledgment of alleged interference with their right to unionize. Instead, it focused on the perceived benefits of the current non-union environment.

“Mr. Bastian’s response makes it unmistakably clear that he does not understand our rationale and desire to unionize,” wrote the Delta workers. “Our desire to seek collective bargaining rights likely varies from employee to employee. Issues such as financial concerns, a fair grievance procedure, to improving benefits and working conditions each play a role. Regardless, organizing a union is our right protected by federal law. These important rights should not be undermined by Mr. Bastian’s never-ending campaign that we don’t need union representation because employment conditions at Delta are, in his view, just fine. It’s not his decision. It’s our decision.” 

Given Bastian’s refusal to commit to neutrality, the workers request further action by Congress. They urge lawmakers to demand a clear answer: will Delta adopt a neutral stance on worker organizing?

If Bastian continues to avoid a clear answer, Delta workers urge Congress to hold hearings. These hearings would allow all parties to discuss fair conditions for union organizing, free from management interference.

“Delta actively and verifiably misinforms workers about the process and results of unionizing,” said IAM Air Transport Territory General Vice President Richie Johnsen. “We want workers to know that they have rights and to feel empowered. Delta’s CEO is responsible for the disrespectful stance the company takes on workers who want to exercise their federal right to unionize.”

The workers emphasize the need for accountability. They believe Bastian should be held responsible for alleged interference and his refusal to address the neutrality request. Ultimately, they seek a platform for Delta employees to organize freely, without fear of intimidation or coercion. 

Read the complete letter. 

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