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Definitely Not True

We are hearing a lot of our coworkers say they are afraid that if we get a union we will lose profit sharing. Definitely not true. Many union workers also have the option to have their profit sharing deposited in their 401(k)’s so that they don’t get taxed on it until they retire. Here’s who has profit sharing and has a union:

Delta union dispatchers and pilots
Unionized Delta ramp in Canada
Union workers at United
Union workers at Southwest
Union workers at American
Union workers at Alaska

Profit sharing at Delta is a popular program. We can make sure that profit sharing is written into our contract and guaranteed. When management spreads that rumor, tell them you know they are not telling the truth.

United Auto Workers Organizing Drive

Fresh from winning killer contracts from the Big Three Automakers, the UAW has launched a campaign to organize 150,000 auto workers at 13 different non-union car companies. Because unionizing auto workers falls under the National Labor Relations Act (we fall under the Railway Labor Act), workers can sign union cards electronically and thousands of cards are pouring in from workers at plants across the nation. We are part of this working class upsurge. Join in! Sign a card! Be part of the movement! 

Request an A-card here.

What Are Your Top Ten Reasons?

We’ve been asking our coworkers what their top ten reasons for wanting a union are. Here they are. What are your reasons? Send them to us here.

  1. With a union, we are no longer “at will” employees and can’t be fired for any reason or no reason.
  2. Wages that are industry leading and keep up with inflation.
  3. Better health insurance that can’t be changed at the company’s whim.
  4. Ramp is understaffed and working conditions and equipment are not always safe.
  5. Management favoritism, and arbitrary discipline.
  6. Ability to have trained union representatives and an entire organization to help us look out for our interests.
  7. Secure retirement with a pension and a 401(k).
  8. Secure, guaranteed profit sharing.
  9. Shorter time to top pay and higher wages at the beginning of pay scale.
  10. Work rules: Guaranteed rights for seasonals, bids built by your peers, double time and a half for holidays worked, rules for equal distribution of overtime and more.  

All of this and more is possible when we are united and have a union. Just look at what other unionized groups are winning.  

Has it Been Discussed How the Union Would Work for Seasonal Agents?

This is a great question. Here’s some of what we have heard from seasonals. It’s also worth noting that in many stations, seasonal workers are part of the organizing committees. 

Seasonals want to have their rights guaranteed in our contract, instead of having things left to Delta’s whim. They want a guaranteed notification longer than two or three weeks for return to active duty. Perhaps two or three months so they have time to rearrange their lives. They want a pay scale based on date of hire. 

We also want to note that we only win an election if seasonals, part timers, full timers, small stations, focus stations and hubs stick together and back each other’s interests. The bottom line is that we are the ones who will decide what we fight for and how our contract is constructed.

Gotta Get Paid!

Last week I looked at my paycheck and saw it was a direct deposit of $0.00. I finally got paid five days late, and found out that when I came back from OJI I was put back to active duty as a new hire. They cut my pay from top out to $20 per hour and every paycheck I’d received since I got off light duty they “overpaid” me, so they deducted anything above $20 per hour out of one check. 

The reason I post this is because both my parents are union people. My dad told me at his job if they screwed up your check they had to pay you within 24 hours. My mom also said the same (both had city jobs with strong unions). For five days I sat and stressed over whatever I’d be able to pay rent and my bills. Sign the cards so this doesn’t happen to you.

Attendance Policy?

Does Delta actually have an attendance policy? It’s hard to tell. It seems to vary depending on the OSM and the agent involved. The fact that Delta has a massive amount of favoritism has even been admitted to by Delta management. Equal application of the rules and clearly defined rules is something a union and a contract can address.

Cameras in the Breakroom

Delta has recently completed renovations in the break rooms in DTW. And these new break rooms are equipped with cameras. The last we heard, Delta’s policy was no cameras in the break rooms. Guess that changed.  

The Need for Clear Rules

In Atlanta, OSMs in a particular work area tell their staff that if they cannot make it into work to not call the Delta Attendance Line, but to call or text the OSM directly.  A Delta employee that we will call Sandra was not feeling well but she still came into work.  

Sandra has over 30 hours of PPT time. Sandra knew that more than likely she would not be able to make it into work the next day.  Sandra also had a doctor’s note. Sandra texted her OSM like instructed, instead of calling the attendance line well before her shift started at 6 a.m. EST.

Sandra let the OSM know that she had over 30 hours of PPT time. The OSM said that the PPT could be used and that she would code it once she got settled in at work herself. Two hours later at 8 a.m. EST, the OSM called Sandra and instructed her to call the Delta Attendance Line. This is now a full two hours into Sandra’s scheduled shift.

Sandra was confused and upset. Sandra has over 30 hours of PPT time. She communicated with her OSM well before her shift started as instructed by her OSM.  Sandra also has a doctor’s note for her illness. The OSM told Sandra that she could also be written up for this occurrence. Talk about a smack in the face. This happens every day at Delta Air Lines without clear work rules.

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