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Facts About A Union Election

There are many newer employees who haven’t been through a union drive, and for some, this may be repetitious. But we want to answer a few questions that we’ve recently received:

Does signing a card make me a union employee?

No. Signing a union election authorization card (A-card) shows interest in joining a union. If the union receives 50% + 1 A-cards from employees, the union physically takes those cards to the National Mediation Board (NMB). The NMB would then call for an election. That’s where we would vote on whether or not we want union representation.

How long is my signed A-card good for?

One year from the date of signing

Which classification of employees would we be voting with?

The National Mediation Board is the governing body over union elections. They’ve determined that our voting class/craft would consist of Ramp, Tower and Cargo employees

Where can we talk about the benefits of unionizing?

We can talk about the union wherever we are allowed to talk about sports, the weather and other non-work activities. When it comes to actually signing a union authorization card, please do that inside of a break room while you’re not picked for an assignment and away from those actively working.

Also, please make sure that when you sign a union card that it is done in ink and legibly!

Delta Pension Blues

Many newer employees may not know that Delta used to have a generous pension for their employees before the merger with Northwest Airlines in 2008. However, in 2007 Delta cut pension benefits for over 16,000 active employees by imposing an inflated Social Security offset on these workers. A Social Security offset is when an employer takes some of your pension to pay themselves back for the contribution they made to an employee’s Social Security. Sounds crazy, right? But it is legal.

Please remember that this is money that Delta employees earned. And Delta, a company that made $2.7 billion in pretax income, contributed nothing to the pension in 2022, even though they certainly had the money. More contributions from Delta would allow for restoration of these retirement benefits. Promises made, promises broken. 

Delta, please restore these pension benefits to employees who worked hard to earn them. By the way, Delta also reduces the pensions of injured Northwest workers when they reach age 65 to pay themselves back for any workers compensation settlements they may have paid to those workers.  

Union Hotel Workers in Vegas

The Culinary Union (UNITE-HERE) in Las Vegas has won a 32% pay increase for its members over five years, with workers receiving a 10% bump in pay during the first year of their new contract. That totals about $2 billion from the casino companies by the end of the contract.

The contracts cover more than 35,000 employees at properties along the Strip that are owned or operated by Caesars, MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts.

By the end of the contract union workers will be earning on average $35 hourly. Union workers currently make about $26 hourly. Isn’t it time to join the movement. 

This comes on the heels of a UAW contract with the Big Three Automakers that secured the following:

  • A 25% raise over the life of the contract and an 11% raise over its first year;
  • A 168% raise for temporary workers;
  • A 67% increase in starting wages; that’s $28 per hour and $40 per hour after three years on the job.
  • An end to wage tiers;
  • The right to strike over plant closures, product, and investment;
  • Increase in pension and 401(k)
  • Guarantee that electric vehicles will be made by union workers;
  • Cost of living adjustments to keep pace with inflation;
  • Enhanced profit sharing

Change your life for the better. Sign a union card and get involved in the campaign. 

Waffle House in ATL

I would like to share a quick story about how taking action works. Last week after returning from our trip to Memphis, I joined the USW and other workers to advocate for Ms. Freda. Ms. Freda was taken off of the schedule after being robbed at Waffle House, her employer. I was joined by workers from Waffle House, Dunkin Doughnuts, Starbucks, Southwest, and Delta.

After bringing attention to this injustice, Waffle House Corporate immediately reached out to Ms. Freda to investigate the matter. I am happy to report that Ms. Freda has been reinstated. The takeaway here is that when you fight you win. Don’t be scared to fight when you are fighting for what is right.

Delta Workers, time to get in the fight

House Calls In SEA

Delta workers and supportive workers from other airlines will be conducting house calls in Seattle from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4. We will be talking to coworkers about signing cards, supporting an election for a union and asking you to join us in the union campaign. House calls help us get to an election sooner, part of the reason Delta is so opposed to this. In ATL and JFK/LGA we had a very high rate of workers signing union cards and we expect the same in SEA. If you would like to opt out and prefer to not have anyone visit you at home, please use this link to let us know

Delta Pilots Ready to Throw Down to Help Us

As we reported in last week’s issue, representatives from the ramp, mechanics and flight attendants union campaign met with the Pilots Union and Dispatchers Union to plan support activities for workers who are trying to gain a union. We are working on a pin that all workers can wear with logos from all groups. They have also promised to make videos supporting our campaigns as well as being highly visible at pro-union events we hold. 

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