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Did You Get a Bonus?

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day. Our labor is creating the biggest profits in the airline industry and it is a direct result of our hard work and dedication. The great work we do is something to be proud of.

Enjoy our success, then take a look around the country where Delta is hiring new ground workers. You’ll notice Delta offering monetary lump sum payments in various amounts from nothing, to $2,500, to $5,000 as they have difficulty hiring employees to staff our operation. These “bonuses” aren’t a maximum Delta is wishing to pay out. Instead, they are minimums. In other words, if Delta could offer less in each city and still get new workers through the door, they would. In fact, if you are already hired and through the door, there is no bonus for you.

If you’re like us, you enjoy your job. If you’re like us, you appreciate your co-workers and you love this industry we’re in. But we’re adults and we recognize this is a profit driven corporation with a financial obligation to shareholders, not you and I. Let’s enjoy our success, then tomorrow we roll up our sleeves with the goal of gaining a seat at the table through unionization. It’s time for Delta Ground Crew to become industry leading with the financial respect and daily recognition we deserve.

Let’s stand together Sisters and Brothers!

Takes on Tom Brady

Tom Brady Take #1 (From a Delta Flight Attendant) 

What I find MOST insulting is in my 40 years I’ve NEVER seen this much “teamwork” company wide EVER! We came out of Covid all working so hard to build it back and then you come up with TB …to help us build teamwork? Do you not see what we have accomplished? WE did it without the help of TB. WE the rank and file …front line , sales, res, below wing, cargo. We have done a great job. I do not need TB to come in and take any credit for what we have already accomplished! Record  profits …full flights…working with less and pouring our hearts into our customers. Pay ME!!! Not Tom Brady!!! Or better yet, Ed …you pay Tom!

Tom Brady Take #2

The IAM has officially asked Tom Brady to endorse our union campaign. You might expect that he would. After all, the Players Association backed him in his federal court case that saw him able to complete the 2015 season. The Players Association also fought for and won rules that prohibited certain types of hits on a QB. This allowed Brady to play into his forties. Will Tom, who benefited greatly from having a union, back us up. We shall see. 

Tom Brady Take #3 (From a Delta Ramp Worker)

I’m curious as to why Ed Bastian would be looking to an old retired guy outside our industry to lead and direct his employees.

I mean, Ed, we literally work and run your operation. In fact, I’ve personally worked on transfers for 25 years, if you’re interested in learning a little plane-side knowledge. Take the time to come find me in Minneapolis if you’d like.

Come spend a minute with us employees if you’re looking to make some improvements. Believe it or not, we actually have some ideas!

Did You Know?

According to company policy, you must work 1,000 hours to qualify for benefits. This was changed in November 2022. Did you know that had changed? Delta regularly changes and revises policies that affect us all and they do it without notice. With a union, changes like this can not be made without our approval. To add insult to injury, a worker on a 20 hour week line (1,040 hours per year) would only have to miss a small amount of time to fall below 1,000 hours. Delta also requires employees to work an average of 20 hours per week in a rolling three month period to qualify for swaps and ZED fares. Fall below that and you lose your trading privileges and your ZED fares.

House Calling in ATL

Over 30 IAM organizers and Delta ramp and cargo workers spent four days last week visiting ATL workers whose union authorization cards had expired. This amounted to over 900 people. Before visiting, each of these workers received a text asking them if it was OK to visit. Only two replied in the negative. Of those that we spoke to, 75% signed cards and more than 20 said they would like to help with the campaign. This was a big boost for our efforts and something we will want to replicate in other hubs.

During the many, many discussions we had with workers, we heard many of the same concerns over and over again. Massive favoritism by OSMs and managers. An utter lack of staffing with workers bodies being torn up as a result. A feeling that the front line employees have been cast aside and disconnected from the One Big Delta Family. To our OSMs that are part of the Positive Employee Relations Teams- Please take note that you are failing.    

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