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Delta Does Not Want Democracy

Normally, getting a permit to do visibility at the Employee Parking Lot in ATL is no problem, but Delta has used its long reach to convince airport authorities that pro-union workers should not be granted permits. We are now taking our case to the Atlanta City Council. Likewise in MSP, the airport police denied our request for a permit in an area where we had always been granted one. We explained that we would wage a visible public fight to regain our democratic rights. An hour later, they granted the permit. 

In break rooms all across the system, in daily briefings, Delta is trying to clamp down on  our federally guaranteed democratic right to talk union with our coworkers. We are still making progress but their counter offensive against democracy is slowing us down. That’s one of the reasons we have teamed up with the Teamsters to knock on our coworkers doors away from work. Much more relaxed conversations can happen away from the watchful eye of Delta management.

We will only be visiting ramp, tower and cargo workers who have previously signed a union authorization card. We will also be sending a text to those workers with expired cards before we visit so that you can opt out if you would like. Delta, what are you afraid of?


Pro-Union Workers Requesting Equal Time With Delta

A group of pro-union workers has sent a letter to Senior Delta Vice President Joanne Smith asking that pro-union workers be allowed to discuss unionization freely and without interference. They are also requesting that IAM experts on contract negotiations and airline industry standards be allowed on Delta property so that workers can hear the truth and judge the merits of unionization for themselves. We are also asking Smith to engage in a public debate about unionization with a pro-union worker. We will keep you all abreast of this story as it develops. Delta, what are you afraid of?


Brain Boiler Bump Caps

First, we want to thank the many, many Delta workers who have reached out to state and federal OSHA about the dangers presented by the mandatory use of bump caps. OSHA has begun their investigation and some of you have already been contacted. This shows that OSHA is taking heat related illness at work seriously. We can’t guarantee we will be successful since we have little ability to negotiate with Delta because we have no union, but we will fight the mandatory use of bump caps together.

In PHX, the outside temperature is 107 degrees and above 120 degrees inside the bump cap. In MSN, it’s 88 degrees outside and 109 in the bump cap. In MSP, it’s 90 degrees outside and 110 in the Brain Boiler. Delta, why won’t you listen? Please continue to file complaints with OSHA and send us your reports of overheating and high temps in the bump caps. Maybe we can move this mountain.


Happening at LAX

We are holding an open house at Melody’s Bar and Grill. Come get your questions answered. Sign a card. Join the cause. Join us Thursday, Aug. 31 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 9132 Sepulveda Blvd. We’ll be right next to the employee South Lot. 


Work Rules Are Money in Your Pocket  

Did you know that work rules in IAM union contracts give you extra pay if you don’t get your lunch scheduled between the 3rd and 5th hour of your work day? That’s half an hour’s pay. If you don’t get a lunch at all, it’s an extra hour’s pay. For many union ramp and cargo workers, that can mean several thousand dollars in extra pay each year. Work rules and a way to enforce them (a union) means money in your pocket.


Respect Us in ATL  

In ATL, we have completed our bid. One thing we have noticed is the disappearance of weekend and partial weekend bid lines in areas that have traditionally had them. These are being moved to less desirable areas to encourage bidding there. With a union, the union committee meets with the company and gets strong input into the process. Not so at Delta.


Swaps At Home? Not for Ramp and Cargo  

It’s kind of a pain. Unlike flight attendants or union carriers, we have to come into work to do swaps. Delta has been talking for years about upgrading our ability to do swaps on our phones or computers at home. They have the technology. Delta, are we family? Or not? Do we matter?

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