Today Delta management informed employees that although 2023 profits will be significantly larger than 2022, we should NOT expect the payout percentage to increase at the same rate this coming year.

Wait, what? How’s does that happen?

Profit sharing payout formula remains unchanged: Profit sharing pool divided by total amount of earnings by all eligible Delta workers. So if profits are significantly higher, shouldn’t the payout be as well?

All non-union workers received a 5% raise in April. However, Delta pilots received an enormous 18% pay raise, plus four years of retro pay due to their newly negotiated UNION CONTRACT.

It’s true there has been additional hiring in 2023. However, these workers are at entry-level wages as they replaced many of those at top scale as the industry bounced back from the pandemic.

It wasn’t OUR labor costs reducing the payout calculation. Because pilots have a union and a seat at the table, a bigger slice of the pie will be going their way. The bottom line is that Delta does not offer handouts. In fact, they’re making it extremely clear that if we want our fair share of the wealth we help create, we must demand it through our own seat at the table.

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