Delta Air Lines workers, along with the IAM, Teamsters, AFA-CWA,  community and labor allies, rallied at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport calling on Delta Air Lines to stop its anti-union campaign and allow for a free and fair union election. The rally included speeches by Delta Air Lines workers who seek union representation to improve their working conditions.

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“Delta keeps posting significant profits quarter after quarter while turning to old-school union-busting,” said Delta ramp worker Dan McCurdy at the Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport. “Delta workers deserve a seat at the table to enjoy the fruits of their labor.”

“Delta workers in Minneapolis and across the country have made it clear: they want to join a union and have a voice in the workplace,” said IAM Air Transport Territory General Vice President Richie Johnsen.  “The choice to unionize is with Delta’s hard-working employees as they deserve the protections that come with a strong union contract. The IAM, Teamsters, and AFA-CWA urge Delta to stop their union-busting tactics and put people over profits.”

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Approximately 45,000 Delta employees are actively organizing to join unions. Mechanics and related workers are organizing to join the International Brotherhood of Teamsters; ramp, cargo, and tower workers are seeking to join the IAM; and Delta flight attendants are organizing for representation with the Association of Flight Attendants.

The rally comes as a response to Delta Air Lines management’s ongoing threats to workers with termination for union activities. In addition, the company continues to distribute literature and host an anti-union website to threaten workers who hope to join a union.  

“Last month, Delta shareholders rejected a proposal whereby the company would agree to remain neutral during a union organizing drive,” said Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien. “Apparently, some of them don’t want this airline to go union. That’s too bad because it’s going union anyways.”

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“Minneapolis is a union town! Delta Flight Attendants, fleet service, and mechanics are organizing to join their unions,” said Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA. “The workers at Delta won’t let the corporate leaders who come and go with their millions define who the airline really is. The workers are organizing to make sure their airline operates with open arms to the world and respect for everyone in it.”

Delta Air Lines workers recently attended and rallied outside a Delta shareholder meeting in New York City demanding the companyrespect the International Labour Organization (ILO) standards on freedom of association and neutrality in union organizing campaigns.

WATCH: Delta Rally Livestream

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