We are thrilled that Delta workers are taking steps to join together in the IAM, the largest and most powerful airline union in the world.

We are proud to represent workers at major U.S. airlines, including United, Southwest, American, Alaska, Hawaiian and more. Workers represented by the IAM continue to grow their strength as we negotiate historical agreements that raise the bar for all airline workers. 

Just to mention a few victories, we recently won strong contracts at Southwest and United, which will raise the bar for all airline workers.

There are many benefits and opportunities available to IAM members, in addition to the best union representation in the industry. From educational and assistance benefits for you and your family, special union discounts, and many member services – we are here and we have your back!

We want to make sure you’re up to date on the latest news and accomplishments of your efforts to unionize at Delta.

Have you signed an Authorization Card? If not, we hope you can request an A-Card today online and we will mail it right out to you!

Click here to request your Authorization Card. 

Together, we will work together for better job security, higher wages, strengthened benefits and improved working conditions.

Staying connected with you is very important to us – Here are some ways we can stay in touch!

Thank you,

Richie Johnsen
IAM Air Transport Territory General Vice President.

Watch our welcome message:

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