To make an educated decision on unionization, it is necessary to have the facts.

That’s why we created “IAM Informed.” It’s important that all Delta Ramp Workers know what the other unionized airline workers have negotiated in their contracts compared to what Delta Air Lines management decides to give us. By having the facts, we can then make an informed decision on union representation.

The IAM United Airlines Negotiations Committee, comprised of IAM-represented United Airlines workers reached a tentative agreement that, if ratified, would provide for the below wage rates. As you can plainly see, IAM represented United Airlines workers EARN MORE money AT EVERY STEP OF THE PAY SCALE. Over time, this amounts to tens of thousands of dollars that Delta Ramp Workers get short changed.

Delta management constantly tells us we are the best employees in the airline industry. If that’s true, then why aren’t we paid accordingly?

IAM Informed - Wages Comparison



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