To make an educated decision on unionization, it is necessary to have the facts.

That’s why we created “IAM Informed.” It’s important that all Delta Ramp Workers know what the other unionized airline workers have negotiated in their contracts compared to what Delta Air Lines management decides to give us. By having the facts, we can then make an informed decision on union representation.

As you can see, IAM members at Southwest, American, and United have all negotiated superior vacation benefits compared to Delta Workers. Since we do not have any rules against reducing our scheduled hours, our vacation accrual is always at risk.

For example, if our scheduled hours are reduced, let’s say from 40 to 32, and we have 7 years of service, then our “Daily Accrued Vacation Credit” is reduced from .3288 (40 hour week) to .2630 (32 hour week)/ That’s a 20% cut to our “Daily Accrued Vacation Rate” and will affect our accrued paid vacation for the next year.

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