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Close your eyes and imagine a world where we have 500% more sick time.
Picture the first 100 hours: FSMs can’t question, threaten, harass, or intimidate you for exercising your right to use those hours. Can’t require a doctor’s note because it’s the third sick call on A-days, or on a weekend, or around a holiday.
Visualize the company reimbursing you for that $150 visit to a clinic because your manager nonetheless doubted your loyalty, your dedication to the brand.
Then consider being rewarded for not using your safety net, getting extra vacation days for staying below an approved annual call-out target.
Now open your eyes.
This “fantasy” already exists for our pilots. The company willingly negotiated all of it!
Think bigger.
Be fearless.
Sign an IAM Card.


Rudolph was minding his own business doing reindeer things when a jolly guy with a critical task saw something in him. A special spark. A talent. That light.

Nobody else thought it was the job for him. It seemed too important for a little buck. Couldn’t somebody more senior in the herd do it, and let Rudolph settle back into obscurity?

Nope. Santa wouldn’t have it. Ol’ Kris Kringle knew that without every elf working behind the scenes, every reindeer pulling in the same direction—and Rudolph leading the way—they’d never deliver those packages to the nice kids.

Unleash your inner Rudolph this season! Light the way for those who can’t see through the fog of disinformation and interference at work. Present an IAM card to your co-worker elves, get them to carry cards, and let’s deliver a shiny new contract to every Delta Flight Attendant.

Happy Holidays to the hardest working crews in the business.

PDF: Rudolph was minding his own business doing reindeer things


Thanksgiving week’s total estimated Delta passengers number 4.7 million. And—no surprise—the operation is at minimum staffing due to booby-trapped workspaces leading to OJIs, and unplanned sick calls caused by higher-than-industry-average schedules and way-lower-than-humane paid personal time.
So, to increase staffing, management decides employees should volunteer. At the airport. Just like paid ACS professionals. But for free.
Volunteering for a non-profit like Habitat or Pride is an admirable venture. The Peach Corps is fuzzy: Delta is essentially taking away holiday overtime hours for our ACS flight family members, and encouraging other employees to do similar work for nothing.
Unionism is about protecting ALL workers from indignity on the job. The fruit of our ACS coworkers’ labor should not be degraded by people “playing airport.” ACS toils skillfully to make this operation run smoothly, and should be rewarded their piece of the pie without worrying staffing will be cut further because office workers are eager to replace them for sandwiches and a chance to win an iPad.
We can staff up for next year by signing an IAM card now, getting to an election, and negotiating realistic manpower into our first contract. That’s the core of the IAM Delta movement!


Management’s recent memo touts a “philosophy,” not a defined sick policy system, saying a “black and white” approach would be detrimental because it removes the “human factor.”
It’s no secret that managers play favorites, and that discipline is not applied equally. We didn’t need a memo to remind us of that! Flight Attendants report being called by an FSM after two absences, while others aren’t contacted before they reach seven.
Pulse scores and passenger complaint letters are allegedly included in “overall performance” relating to absence discipline. Think twice when telling that diamond medallion to get off his phone during the safety demo—one bad letter and you’ll be looked at differently when you get the flu and have to call in sick.
Our pilot colleagues have negotiated up to 270 hours of sick time annually. Their contract prevents the company from questioning sick usage until 100 hours absent! What’s more, an elected representative can be present during any disciplinary meeting and has the right to see all documents related to those proceedings.
Delta Flight Attendants deserve a black and white sick policy. We deserve to be treated equally and fairly when it comes to reliability regardless of unrelated factors like unverifiable survey scores and uncorroborated complaint letters.
Senior management has the right vision in mind, saying we should be treated like human beings, but until we negotiate reasonable sick time and a bi-laterally approved policy to manage it, we are at the mercy of corporate philosophers. We deserve contract protections from the IAM, whose philosophy has always been workers first.

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