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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we wear an IAM pin at work?

YES. Per Delta's Advocacy Policy, you are allowed to wear a small lapel pin equivalent to a piece of jewelry, and no larger than the Delta service award pin. For additional information please refer to the full policy which can be found under Resources on the IAM Delta Flight Attendant website.

Can we display IAM bag-tags?

YES. IAM Delta bag tags were designed to adhere to Delta's advocacy policy. For additional information please refer to the full policy which can be found under Resources on the IAM Delta Flight Attendant web site.

Why should I sign an IAM election authorization card?

Delta Flight Attendants care about our future and our quality of life. We want the right to determine our professional future through a relationship based on equality with Delta Air Lines. Think about the pilots; Like us, they are dedicated to their company. However, the difference is they guarantee their partnership, pay and benefits with Delta with a contract. We deserve the same status.​

Where does my IAM election authorization card go after I mail it?

Your card goes directly to IAM headquarters in Upper Marlboro, MD. When we have enough cards to request an election, the cards will then be hand delivered to the National Mediation Board (NMB), a federal agency that conducts representation elections in the airline and railroad industries. Delta Air Lines is prohibited by law from ever knowing who signed a card. Employers are only informed by the NMB whether or not a "sufficient showing of interest" exists in the specific work-group.

Unions and management seem to fight all the time. I don't want to fight with Delta for my entire career. If we gain IAM representation will we have constant conflict with Delta?

IAM is determined and committed to work with Delta Corporate for a fair working agreement.

We're not promising that everything we want will be improved, but we will approach the company with strength, an open mind and a willingness to work together.

Our goal is to improve our quality of life and that of our company.

I heard that it will take years to get a working agreement/contract. Is that true?

Delta has proven that, when its employees are unionized, Delta Corporate can expeditiously negotiate a working agreement. The last round of bargaining with the Delta Pilots produced a Working Agreement even before it was due. In the round before that, the pilots had a working agreement in just a few short months. The dispatchers bargained a 5-year working agreement with Delta quickly and without controversy. Delta Corporate tells us regularly that it respects our ability to decide to become union. We believe the respect they talk about will be shown at the bargaining table with Delta Flight Attendants.

Is is true that if we have a union, Delta can't improve our pay, benefits or working conditions for the time frame of the working agreement/contract?

Wrong. Improvements can be made at any time. The difference is that with a union, they'll be legally binding and can't be taken away. If the economy changes and Delta needs our help, we negotiate where the money comes from and set the terms for the amended agreement. They can’t just take what they say they need. IAM would research Delta’s financial situation and we would discuss what we could do to help Delta through rough times and ensure our success.

Do Unions protect "bad" employees?

Unions protect and assist their members fairly so that everyone has a right to due process.

'Bad' is a subjective term. IAM will make sure that we are treated fairly under the law. Delta Corporate will have to possess "just cause"--something it currently does not have to possess-- for every discipline or termination case.

And, per the Railway Labor Act, the Union can decide to hear a member's case before a neutral arbitrator whose decision is final.

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