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Facts—Post-filing Q & A

Now that we filed for our election, it is important that all Delta Flight Attendants understand the process going forward.

The below Q & A is designed to answer some initial questions Delta Flight Attendants may have and it will be updated frequently.

Now that we filed for our election to form a union of Delta Flight Attendants, when will we vote?

We fully expect the National Mediation Board (NMB)—a federal agency—to order a representation election with the next four to six weeks.

Once the NMB orders the vote, it will announce the voting period (the dates the vote will take place). Typically, the voting period will begin two weeks after the NMB orders the election. For a group our size, the NMB typically schedules a six week voting period.

How will we cast our vote?

The NMB will mail confidential voting instructions to each eligible voter to the address he or she has on file with Delta Air Lines. The voting instructions will contain a personal/confidential “access code.” When the voting period begins, we will be able to vote either by telephone or via internet. You will need to input your “access code” to cast your ballot. The voting instructions will guide you through the process, and IAM Delta representatives will be available to answer any questions you may have. 

Who is eligible to vote?

All persons who are Delta employees and who are working in the class & craft as a Flight Attendant as of eligibility cutoff date, which is the end of the pay period prior to the date of our filing for election with the NMB. Managers, supervisors, retirees and those hired after the eligibility cutoff date are not eligible to vote.

Can we talk about unions and the IAM Delta campaign at work?

Yes. You have the right to talk about unions and the IAM Campaign at work in the same manner that you are permitted to talk about any other work or non-work subjects. Please refer to the 'Know Your a Rights Under the Law' flyer under Resources. - See more at:

Can we wear an IAM pin at work?

YES. Per Delta's Advocacy Policy, you are allowed to wear a small lapel pin equivalent to a piece of jewelry, and no larger than the Delta service award pin. For additional information please refer to the full policy which can be found under Resources on the IAM Delta Flight Attendant website.

- See more at:

Can we display IAM bag-tags?

YES. IAM Delta bag tags were designed to adhere to Delta's advocacy policy. For additional information please refer to the full policy which can be found under Resources on the IAM Delta Flight Attendant web site.

I heard that it will take years to get a working agreement/contract. Is that true?

Delta has proven that, when its employees are unionized, Delta Corporate can expeditiously negotiate a working agreement. The last round of bargaining with the Delta Pilots produced a Working Agreement even before it was due, and Delta Corporate has committed the same this year for the Pilots.

In the round before that, the pilots had a working agreement in just a few short months. The dispatchers bargained a 5-year working agreement with Delta quickly and without controversy. Delta Corporate tells us regularly that it respects our ability to decide to become union. We believe the respect they talk about will be shown at the bargaining table with Delta Flight Attendants.

My health insurance seems to be getting worse. Is this something we can improve with with IAM representation?

Absolutely. This is one of the most common complaints we’ve heard during our campaign.

Our healthcare and prescription cost keep rising, yet Delta Corporate continues to post record profits. This isn't fair and doesn't have to be this way.

IAM-represented airline employees have the best healthcare at the most affordable rates in the airline industry. We deserve the same.

Do Unions protect "bad" employees?

Unions protect and assist their members fairly so that everyone has a right to due process.

'Bad' is a subjective term. IAM will make sure that we are treated fairly under the law. Delta Corporate will have to possess "just cause"--something it currently does not have to possess-- for every discipline or termination case.

And, per the Railway Labor Act, the Union can decide to hear a member's case before a neutral arbitrator whose decision is final.

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