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IAM Brings Back Best Contracts in Airline Industry at American Airlines Worth $4.2 Billion

The IAM yesterday announced five tentative agreements for over 30,000 workers at American Airlines. The tentative deals are the best in the airline industry with the highest compensation, best scope and job protections, industry top benefits and strongest work rules.

One of the top achievements in these negotiations was the preservation of the best health insurance plans in the industry: the PPO 80 (premium share 93/7) and PPO 90 (premium share 86/14) plans. Legacy US Airways IAM members are the only group of pre-merger US Airways workers who maintained the industry’s best health insurance plans. Legacy US Airways flight attendants and legacy US Airways customer service agents conceded those plans during their post-merger contract negotiations with American Airlines.

The IAM was also successful in maintaining and improving defined-benefit pension plans for IAM-represented workers at American Airlines. The tentative deals increase defined-benefit pension plan benefits by a whopping 38%. The IAM members are the only workers to have a defined-benefit pension the carrier. The IAM was also able to negotiate a 4% 401K match on top the defined-benefit pension plan. Combined, IAM-represented workers at American Airlines have the richest retirement security in the airline industry for all classifications, excluding pilots.

Coupled with the industry’s top wages and benefits, is the airline industry’s top profit sharing formula. The IAM-TWU Association is the only union at American Airlines to negotiate such a rich profit sharing plan.

It is time that all Delta Flight Attendants sign an IAM a-card, so a representation election can be held and Delta Flight Attendants can have the backing of the most powerful airline union in the world.

For more info on the IAM’s tentative contracts at American, click here.
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