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Since the first revelation that uniforms were causing physical distress, IAM Delta has been actively searching for solutions. We collected data and uniforms, sought federal intervention from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and opened our RASH Report intake form for redacted symptomatic information from line flight attendants.

While other people would like to take credit for causing Delta to permit flight attendants to wear alternative uniforms and change its policy, it was IAM Delta’s demand that NIOSH conduct a health hazard evaluation in April, 2019 that forced Delta to (1) continue to offer alternative uniforms as an option (in May, 2019 approximately only 80 Delta Flight Attendants were wearing “off the rack black and white,” and; (2) permit Delta Flight Attendants to wear the alternative uniforms for the long term (more than 60 days). NIOSH’s report states on page 13: 

3. Continue to offer alternatives to the new uniform to employees who have developed symptoms and/or health effects related to wearing the new uniforms. Allow employees to use alternative uniforms on a long term basis, if symptoms resolve with this alternative. 

4. Allow employees to wear alternatives when their uniforms are being lined (or other uniform alternatives are being considered) so work schedules are not negatively impacted due to potential uniform-related health effects. 

READ THE ENTIRE REPORT HERE:…/ccf94356-df56-4708-b7b5…

Unrelenting pressure from the IAM, media outlets, and related class action legal proceedings have resulted in management announcing a streamlined approval procedure for alternative uniforms. While a recall is the preferred long-term solution, we do believe all workers should consider immediately removing suspected toxins from their environment.

Below is a one-sentence letter you can copy and paste to begin the journey back to health at work: 



Please send approval email for black and white uniform.


Employee Number

A simple request: please no symptom disclosure, no emotional plea, no embellishments. Document health changes for your physicians, and resist the urge to tell random FSMs how you feel—unrepresented flight attendants suffering the effects of uniform toxicity do not need additional management scrutiny. (To detail your individual symptoms and concerns, use the IAM Delta RASH Report.

Company numbers crunchers are poised to potentially pay out upwards of $10 MILLION to cover almost 25,000 flight attendants purchasing black and white—an unthinkable amount that could have been spent producing higher quality, union-made garments with a U.S.A. supply chain for “the best employees in the world.”

Until we vote to become IAM members and have tangible rights at work, act quickly, wear your black and white and your IAM pin proudly, and fly safely.

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