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There’s Only One Way to Protect Our Profit Sharing: Contract

Delta today announced a $1.5 billion profit sharing payout.
CEO Ed Bastian today said that Delta will pay out approximately $1.5 billion in profit sharing this year. That’s great and Delta Flight Attendants deserve every penny we will get in this year’s payment. But, our profit sharing plan is not protected and Delta management can change it at any time for any reason. And not only can Delta management change our profit sharing plan, they have in the past.

Delta management cut our profit sharing formula twice in the recent past during a time of record setting profits, while the Delta pilots kept their profit sharing formula and shareholders received billions. What do you think will happen if our industry experiences an economic downturn?

The only way to protect our profit sharing plan as it exists today is to gain union representation with the most powerful airline union in the world, the IAM. The IAM has the power, expertise and resources to take Delta on and negotiate the industry-leading contract we deserve.

Sign or renew your IAM card today.
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