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IAM General Vice President Sito Pantoja issued the following statement today:

"The IAM stands 100 percent behind Delta Flight Attendants’ long struggle to gain collective bargaining rights and will continue to support your historic effort. The AFL-CIO had awarded the IAM with exclusivity and was in the process of investigating whether the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) was in non-compliance with that award. AFA was aware of this investigation and participated in the process.  Nevertheless, they moved forward before it was completed. This process is yet to be resolved by the AFL-CIO and is still pending.

As we said on Friday, we are deeply concerned and disappointed that the AFA would launch a campaign while this dispute is still unresolved. We hope that once this matter is resolved that all parties abide by the AFL-CIO’s determination and that all Delta Flight Attendants unify around the singular goal of forming a union and negotiating the industry-leading contract you very much deserve.

The IAM has steadfastly supported Delta Flight Attendants’ efforts to gain IAM representation for almost seven years now, and is committed as ever to bringing this campaign to a successful conclusion."

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