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Lower schedule values! Insane hiring! Overtime pay (sort of)!

It’s all good. It’s also temporary and expected during organizing drives.

In addition to constantly moving the 50% authorization card threshold by padding the seniority list, leadership gathers information at “listening” tours that they believe will stave off unionizing. EIG “suggestions” are then rolled out to somehow seem related, which by design cost a fraction of what any union-negotiated contract would.

Google “anti-union playbook” and you’re basically reading the history of Delta Air Lines—minus the Bellinis. Every trick in the book has been tried here.

Managers are only now delivering items their anti-union consultants have been holding close to the (toxic?) vest for several years. The nearer we get to a union election, the more these nuggets are doled out. Once we’re dissuaded from gaining control over our working life, every single item disappears, slowly but surely.

We’ll take these fleeting, transparent attempts to stop us from organizing all the way to the bargaining table, building a foundation worthy of our professionalism, expertise and bold hospitality. The more new flight attendants, the more power we all have to protect each other!

The greatest investment we can make in our careers is to begin negotiating groundbreaking work rules and lasting improvements in every future IAM contract. Accept management’s rewards for what they are, then get back to reality and carry IAM cards. It’s time to make real gains.

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