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Our labor has made Delta Air Lines executives richer than ever. 

Our GST recognitions. Our 90-hour schedule values. Our service delivery “enhancements.” Our bumps in NPS. So why did we have to wait so long for a pay increase this year when our workload continues to grow? And why is our increase just 1% above the national annual cost of living adjustment?

We are way overdue to surpass American, United, and other unionized carriers’ flight pay rates. Leadership’s self-congratulatory messages are disingenuous since those airlines don’t come close to Delta in capacity or profitability. And don’t get us started on insurance deductibles that take thousands more out of our pockets!

Airline workers with IAM contracts consistently enjoy the greatest hourly wage increases in each represented class in the industry. They know exactly when pay hikes are coming thanks to iron-clad work rules negotiated by peer union representatives. Plus, their insurance costs don't cause heart palpitations during open enrollment.

Be grateful, thankful, and blessed to work for the nation’s richest airline this Labor Day—we are the makers of that wealth! When you’re done celebrating, sign or renew your IAM card so we can negotiate annual pay increases and lower insurance costs in our first IAM contract.

Happy Labor Day!

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