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How far behind are we without union representation? Plenty.

So far, in fact, that any undisclosed pay increase for what’s left of 2019 would STILL leave us trailing unionized airline employees in healthcare costs, 401(k) benefits, OJI rights, sick time accrual, pension accumulation, overtime calculations, and disciplinary processes.

And If Delta does give us a pay increase, it is only because they were forced by the overwhelming worldwide support that our IAM-Delta campaign has garnered.

As that list shows, money isn’t everything. But it’s not nothing! We’d gladly take any announced pay bump so we can start there when we negotiate as union members.

What we have can’t be taken away, even a 15% base pay increase! Awesome, right? Unless we fail to gain representation. We need to win an election first. 

When the airline industry takes an economic hit, unionized workgroups will plan what’s best and what’s next for their members. Those of us without a contract will get exactly what is best for shareholders and executives, a dramatically different tale of the tape.

Don’t fall behind on your IAM authorization card. Renew it today so we can begin building a strong IAM contract that propels the industry’s best flight attendants to our personal best.

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