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IAM DELTA Rolls Out RASH REPORT to Collect Uniform Toxicity Data

It begins as a whisper.

“I’m not complaining, but my nose runs every time I put on the new uniform.”

Swells to a rumble.

“Our little dog has red spots on his skin from lying on a pile of ZP pieces!”

Grows to alarm.

“My doctor determined my respiratory problems are caused by our toxic uniform.”

Becomes unconscionable.

“My beautiful baby’s face is blistering! I cuddled her before I left for work in the signature dress.”

Yet results in no urgency.

“We want you to look and feel your best when wearing your uniform, so we’re partnering with students to design a scarf that stays in place!”

Suffering, illness, despair, corporate inaction. How much more will we accept?

If you have experienced uniform toxicity symptoms, please report them immediately using IAM’s confidential and anonymous Reporting Advocacy for Safety and Health (RASH) Report page.

IAM Delta believes in our power to change our work environment together, without fear of retribution. Sign an IAM card for transparency in dangerous OJI trends and compassionate, consistent solutions to career-threatening working conditions.




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One Response to "IAM DELTA Rolls Out RASH REPORT to Collect Uniform Toxicity Data"

  • Natalie
    March 21, 2019 - 5:02 pm Reply

    I’m usually anti union but the complete lack of acknowledgement and the inaction from Delta on these uniforms is driving me to think maybe a Union is needed; HOWEVER, what took the IAM so long to start this? Our uniform is a year old and you’re just now collecting data??? Doesn’t make me think IAM will be much better than current…

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