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Delta executives set profit sharing for Valentine’s Day, hoping we’ll associate that pay with love.
But since Delta’s work rules and benefits trail behind those in union contracts, profit sharing is not a “bonus” like it is for unionized flight attendants. It’s part of our compensation package, bringing us closer to industry standard.
That money is earned and justified for working harder than any other flight attendant group. For doing exponentially more service with less staffing.
For having the worst healthcare and sick time of any airline. And for doing the job even when our workspaces are more unworkable than ever.
Profit sharing has to fund our outrageous insurance, cover dropped trips because we don’t have paid sick time, pad our retirement, and be saved for recovering from a work-related disability.
Delta’s profits exist because of our low-cost labor.
Management is congratulating us for costing less and working harder than anyone else! So, buy yourself a little something, sock the rest away, and let’s continue to fight for industry-leading benefits and work rules.
Those are lasting rewards that only an IAM contract can bring.
Think bigger.
Be fearless.
Sign an IAM Card.

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