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Thanksgiving week’s total estimated Delta passengers number 4.7 million. And—no surprise—the operation is at minimum staffing due to booby-trapped workspaces leading to OJIs, and unplanned sick calls caused by higher-than-industry-average schedules and way-lower-than-humane paid personal time.
So, to increase staffing, management decides employees should volunteer. At the airport. Just like paid ACS professionals. But for free.
Volunteering for a non-profit like Habitat or Pride is an admirable venture. The Peach Corps is fuzzy: Delta is essentially taking away holiday overtime hours for our ACS flight family members, and encouraging other employees to do similar work for nothing.
Unionism is about protecting ALL workers from indignity on the job. The fruit of our ACS coworkers’ labor should not be degraded by people “playing airport.” ACS toils skillfully to make this operation run smoothly, and should be rewarded their piece of the pie without worrying staffing will be cut further because office workers are eager to replace them for sandwiches and a chance to win an iPad.
We can staff up for next year by signing an IAM card now, getting to an election, and negotiating realistic manpower into our first contract. That’s the core of the IAM Delta movement!

One Response to "PEACH CORPS? FUZZY"

  • JF
    August 15, 2019 - 6:20 am Reply

    I told my manager that I would NEVER be available to participate in this asinine annual exploitation known as the Delta Peach Corps.
    Naturally, she bristled and then immediately inquired why I wasn’t thrilled and delighted to “pitch in” and support Delta’s sacred “operation” by contributing hours of my unpaid labor on a precious day off from my real full-time job at Delta (i.e., the one that pays my bills).

    But my response shut her up real quick—I told her, in total deadpan, that when I’m feeling charitable, I just simply go down to the local distribution warehouse and pack customers’ orders into shipping boxes all night to help drive up Amazon’s profits. If I ever want to mix it up a bit, I have also been known to drop in at Bank of America and spend the day volunteering as a bank teller to help count the money and maximize revenue opportunities for the BOA shareholders and top executives.

    I hope my FSM got the point: Volunteering is a wonderful experience that employers should definitely encourage all employees to engage themselves in; however, spending a day providing free labour for a lucrative Fortune 500 company (which also happens to be your formal employer), in a profit-generating role nonetheless, is completely absurd on the part of the employee—and downright morally reprehensible on the part of the employer.

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