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Ed didn’t fight for us. Allison didn’t fight for us. David certainly didn’t. Neither did James or Lisa.
Delta’s IFS Government Affairs Representatives didn’t go to bat for us, even though the position was conjured up to make it look like someone would. Nobody on the EIG helped us out either.
Who did lobby Congress to secure us more legal rest in the FAA Reauthorization Act? Union members and IAMDL activists.
They made appointments and visited Capitol Hill, familiarizing elected officials with our unique working conditions, earning respect and understanding from congressional leaders who finally got the President to sign legislation guaranteeing us the same irreducible domestic rest as America’s also-not-robot pilots.
An engaged bi-partisan union coalition pushed for improvements to current law so contract negotiations can focus on other quality-of-life issues, like affordable healthcare and a dignified retirement.
Delta’s focus is its business, not its people. Instead of congratulating airline workers on a legislative win, we got a nastygram warning us that our trip flexibility would suffer. Kind of like if someone changed our pay schedule without our input!
Nobody cares about working people like unions do. We look forward to joining the IAM in the fight to protect America’s workers.

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