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They claim we have “Voices,” that our feedback matters, that IFS is all about transparency.
We were never consulted before Delta management announced that our pay structure would change. Nobody ever asked. They didn’t have to, because we’ve never had a say in our pay, benefits, or working conditions.
No one in management cared that the new compensation process could force us to completely alter our flying schedule, choking the very flexibility that attracted us to this career.
You know who does have a voice? Who actually gets to help decide work-life changes? Unionized employees.
IFS management’s phrases like “earnings potential,” “understanding your pay,” and “seamless improvements” would trigger an investigation by union workers, their representatives, and their legal staff. They’d stop the clock on one-sided schemes, dig deeper, and negotiate exactly how pay should be reconciled and distributed.
Maybe bi-weekly compensation will work out, maybe not. The jury’s still out (although there was never a trial). Like everything else here at Delta Air Lines, without a contract and a real voice, we’ll just have to take management’s endless curveballs, from staffing cuts to profit sharing cuts to workspace cuts, and now, to when our paychecks get cut.
Sign an IAM card and gain a say, the union way.

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