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The EIG has reached the apex of involvement in our working life: they’ve spent months deliberating removal of our uniform belt, and letting us wear a sweater in the airport.
Thankfully for Delta management, the archaic Railway Labor Act mostly ignores budget-draining employee/management committees like the EIG, as long as they DON'T perform a collective bargaining function — like increasing rates of pay.
By definition, Delta must keep the EIG irrelevant to our compensation, or risk violating workers’ rights laws!
Real representation by an elected labor union will bring changes like overtime pay for hours flown above the published average, increases in staffing, flight pay, sick time, and 401(k) contributions.
It’s time we get real.
Our career priorities can be realistically addressed through legally binding contract negotiations with top leadership, union lawyers and elected IAM Delta Flight Attendant officers—not student council meetings with bottom rung managers.
Sign an IAM card, get a friend to do the same, and let’s get real.
If a manager or EIG member claims they’re bargaining in relation to pay, or cites so-called “improvements” to influence you against signing a union authorization card, please submit an online interference report.

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