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Delta definitely holds a unique position within the airline industry. Not only does Delta produce more revenue, turn more profits, and pay out more dividends to shareholders, it also has a “unique” relationship with employees.
Most Delta workers do not have a union. Delta says flight attendants don’t need representation because we have an “open door policy,” a “direct relationship.” Delta claims “transparency.”
The only thing clear to Flight Attendants is the daily confusion Delta routinely adds to our lives.
The company’s sanctioned social media posts and inventive “Rumor Has It” questions indicate management’s overall lack of understanding of very important work issues.
Flight attendants have no real sick policy. The “policy” is random and depends on who you are and who your manager is.
Flight attendants hoped, wondered and waited for a pay increase announcement. When it was finally announced, we were told we’d have to wait another six months for it to take effect.
Aircraft staffing changes overnight, as do service standards, uniform wearing guidelines, pay structure and work rules. This leaves flight attendants confused and unsure about all aspects of our work lives.
At unionized carriers, confusion is cleared up through negotiated language—both parties agree to real transparency in a contract.
Are you ready for black and white rules in an IAM contract?
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