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It started with a tickle in the throat. Probably an allergic reaction, something that would go away when you got to the hotel. You snorted Flonase®, slept a solid six of your pathetic eight-and-a-half behind the door, and woke up feeling worse.

But you need to get home, maintain 100 hours a month for the $1,000 summer “thank you,” so you head down for pick up, sneeze into your Passport Plum elbow, and apologize to your crew, who all start avoiding you like the plague since maybe that’s what it is.

You decide to go to urgent care because, of course, it’s Labor Day weekend and A THOUSAND DOLLARS! Diagnosis: flu. The good doctor doesn’t QUITE understand why a grown woman would need a note for her employer of 13 years, but writes you one anyway for tomorrow’s all-nighter—then hands you the bill.

You’ve just lost a grand, and this visit cost you $190!?

You get home and cough-yell “THIS IS NOT FAIR!” to your cat, the only living being who might feel sorry for you for working like a dog without union representation. Your FSM makes a “wellness check” call while you’re finally napping, but his feigned compassion isn’t going to cure this ding to your reliability, and he wants you to pop into the office before your next trip, adding insult to injury.

The industry’s highest insurance costs, worst sick call policy, highest average block hours, and greatest exposure to customers would make ANYONE sick. With an IAM contract, we’ll negotiate past one-sided work rules and turn the tables toward healthy, productive, protected Delta Flight Attendants.

Feel better. Sign an IAM card and let’s take care of each other under a binding contract.




  • Andrew
    June 7, 2018 - 6:17 pm Reply

    The thing is people this is EXACTLY what happens!!! We NEED a UNION NOW!!

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