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I have been a Flight Attendant for 32 years.

My Husband says, “I used to bounce out the door, happy to go to work for NWA because I knew I had a union to cover my back and work rules that could not be changed at the company's discretion."


With respect to every other airline, Delta Air Lines Flight Attendants are, by far, the industry’s most underappreciated, underpaid and underestimated group.

We are trained on more aircraft than any other airline.

We have accountability issues that are disrespectful and we have no voice with the company.

The "so-called" committees, like the EIG, are a facade that Delta is using to make it look like we have a voice. These committees have no jurisdiction with respect to legally negotiating work rules, pay, benefits and accountability.

The commendation letters I received before the merger were not only delightful, they expressed how much I engaged with passengers. Now, I am walking on eggshells waiting for the "hammer to hit the nail on the head!"

Two sick calls in a year, you receive a harassing phone call. Three sick calls in a year, you lose your Purser Wings or you are put on probation.

I used to work during all holidays and weekends until Alison's letter was published quoting how she could "not sleep at night." This company professes to be a family. HA!!!! If I had a family like Delta, it would be considered a dysfunctional family at best.

My heart goes out to the junior flight attendants. I will no longer work weekends or holidays to help this company out if I’m required to provide a doctor's note if I am ill.

Please people, if you think your IAM A-Card for representation has expired, ask for a new card so we can get this well-deserved IAM representation matter taken care of!


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