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I AM ready for change.

I AM ready to have a voice and to be able to enjoy my job again.

I AM ready to put my foot down on the issues that matter most to me.

I have read endless stories about why we need a union. I’ve been through endless reroutes and IROPs where I am abused and completely knocked out by the end of an extended duty day.

I AM ready for new hires to not be scared of coming out of training because while in training they were bullied to believe certain things.

I AM ready for everyone to have the same rules that we all must follow; managers, flight attendants, scheduling.... EVERYONE.

I want THE IAM because when I came out of training I almost lost my job to a disability that I had previously disclosed with DL prior to them hiring me.

I want THE IAM because for the first year that I was on the line I didn’t have anyone who had my back during my treatments and endless doctors' appointments. These appointments were made months in advance and I could not reschedule. I was told good luck, get someone to pick them up or swap your days.

How do you want me to do that when we are scheduled 85 hours or more?

How can I give a trip away when we are all overworked with no rest? We do not receive concern or care from the higher-ups.

Cancer doesn’t just stop because you couldn’t give your trip away.

I want a Voice.

I want to feel Safe in a career I chose and love dearly.

I AM ready for DL to be different.

I AM ready for us to all be one.



One Response to "WHY I WANT THE IAM"

  • Suki
    April 5, 2018 - 7:11 pm Reply

    All laudable reasons for demanding to be heard through a union. At present we haven’t any one to advise or represent us against a massive company when it is needed. To me the most jarring was seeing the United retirement plan. They must have such peace of mind knowing they will be able to live during retirement. My plan after 40 years with Delta is comparable to their after 5 years. It is an astounding and frightening difference. I currently am in a pay dispute with payroll and although they are wrong continue to deduct from my pay. There isn’t anyone on my side to whom to speak. One must hire outside counsel whom are hesitant to take on a corporation with unlimited numbers of legal team. The carrer has changed enormously from when I began and it was glamorous and fabulous but I will be fighting to put it back on course. We can be treated as well as we hard working lot deserve to be and being a member of a union would be beneficial in that.

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