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Honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance, servant leadership. Delta’s core values are supposed to be what separates us from the competition.

Upper management breaks these “rules of the road” daily.

No sick time. Punishment for illness, for sudden life incidences, for simply being human. “Gray area” work rules and policies. On hold with scheduling for hours until being mysteriously disconnected. Crew tracking not tracking crews, who end up sleeping on floors and in hotel lobbies. Being flown into off days, just because.

Retirement that forces you to continue working to make up for a company-mandated offset. Profit sharing withheld because of whatever excuse management invents that year.

All of this affecting thousands of flight attendants!

I’ve worked for Delta in different departments since 2009. It is an amazing company, but has some serious transparency issues that need fixing. I want the IAM to help us achieve accountability with a premier contract.

Management holds us accountable to its rules. Who holds scheduling accountable when they make up stories to fly us illegally? Who holds management accountable when they bend rules to protect the operation? Who holds the company accountable when our rights are violated?

We have more aircraft in our fleet than any other carrier, but we are not paid the most. How is that fair? We are told we’re a valued part of what makes this company great, so we should be treated accordingly.

Until we are protected by the power of an IAM contract, we are just another airline, employee number and seniority number. Only with an IAM contract can we say that our rules of the road separate us from the others. Only then can we call ourselves the world’s greatest. IAM ready to get started!



2 Responses to "WHY I WANT THE IAM"

  • Lisa Caldecott Gilbertson
    March 23, 2018 - 12:43 am Reply

    You have hit the nail on the head. Why our fellow Flight Attendants do not understand that the FAA is requiring door drills on every aircraft in the entire fleet??????? It is because there are to many aircraft to learn and safety is being compromised. Recently, we tried to look up the oxygen location for families with additional children in the row on the sky pro on the 777 and the life vest location for the Delta One passengers in addition to the Delta One passengers charging outlet for their computers etc. It took us almost an hour to find this information on the sky pro. “Give me back my written FA manual,” or fix the problem!!!!

  • Lisa Caldecott Gilbertson
    March 24, 2018 - 4:10 am Reply


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