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When we’re not in charge of our work rules, when we don’t truly have a voice in “improvements,” we see benefits and compensation manipulated to confuse us.

I want the IAM so we can push OUR needs forward.

Delta’s a great place to work because of us! Who better to make improvements where they’re needed but the world’s best employees?

One place for us to start with IAM is our anemic allowance of unaccountable call-offs.

Sometimes life happens: feeling meh, a wedding, a flat tire. We earned unplanned days off for just those circumstances. (Isn’t that the definition of PAID PERSONAL TIME?) We don’t need a phone call from a manager, questioning an already tough decision to spend our hard-earned PPT.

A contract would take the pressure off by giving us a clearly defined number of unaccountable absences.

Being automatically continued on a leg that would make you exceed your legal duty day is not an “improvement” to our work rules, even with extra pay. The safest thing is to default to NOT being continued, then call crew tracking to opt to stay for extra pay.

An IAM union safety committee would work on our behalf to put our safety first— truly first.

For several years now, our profit sharing has been diminished. Is that an “improvement?” An IAM union contract would take into account how much the company has made and whether we are getting our FAIR share.

Our pay is good, at a fantastic place to work, but why stop there? We deserve to proportionally benefit from our participation in record profits with record pay and top-notch work rules.

The IAM can take us from having a pleasant, fun place to work, to an outstanding, trend-setting, leadership role in the world of flying! We know we’re the best in the business. IAM will take us to the next level.


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