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I want a union so Delta Flight Attendants have black and white work rules that are set in stone.

We are one of the industry’s leading airlines, but are treated like a low cost carrier.

We are underpaid, understaffed, overworked and, most importantly, underappreciated.

We are the face of Delta, but have terrible health coverage.

We have more IROPS than normal days.

All of our “work rules” change when their “system” feels like changing it.

They no longer care about us, and we aren’t a family.

I want a union for everyone, so we have a voice, so we are safe from all of these “work rule changes” and “system needs.”

I want a union to have a VOICE!

Why do you want a union?


One Response to "WHY I WANT THE IAM"

  • Lisa Gilbetson
    January 24, 2018 - 9:30 pm Reply

    I want representation so we can have a voice regarding our careers. Defined work rules in a legally binding contract is standard throughout the airline industry. Airline crew members throughout the industry can’t believe that the company “flies by the seat of their pants.” All of the IROPS, rescheduling, IPY4’s to cover critical periods that could have been covered in advance keeping the operation running smoothly would be defined in a legally binding contract. And now FA’s are bing punished unless they have Fam-Law for absences. Pursers are losing their qualification for three sick calls in a year. FA’s are being put on probation for six to 12 months after a third sick call. If these kinds of actions by the company don’t offer proof positive that we need representation, I guess: “stupid is as stupid does.” With a legally binding contract, we can negotiate terms that are fair for all Flight Attendants. Have you noticed that MSP Inflight Services is cleaning house. I do not even know who my new Manager is as Wendy Dorn (who has been in MSP for years) has left for a more secure job in ATL. I can count on my hand; only three FA managers who still have their jobs in MSP, for now anyway. For those FA’s that are trying to distract our campaign now saying they want AFA. Shame on you! No other union should be contacting our FA group while we are running a campaign. That is standard procedure among unions that are reputable.

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