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Isn’t Clarity a Good Thing?

Many new hire flight attendants are asking about defined work-rules and they are being told that having too many published work rules can hurt flight attendants. Wrong.

Clearly defined work-rules provide ALL flight attendants, whether newly hired or our most senior colleagues, with certainty, fair treatment and accountability from management. Without a legally binding contract, we have no work-rules. The truth is, management can change or modify any “rule” or benefit we currently have without our agreement and we have absolutely no recourse.

To have enforceable work-rules, we need to have a contract that obligates management to follow the procedures and policies that both Delta flight attendants and Delta management mutually agree to. Just as Delta pilots and almost every other flight attendant in the US airline industry.

Before we can negotiate a contract, we need to get and then win a vote for IAM representation. Sign your card today if you care about having clearly defined work rules that apply fairly and equally to all flight attendants.

If you don’t have an a-card handy, please click the following link and request one by filling out the online form and IAM Delta will mail a card out to you. Thanks!


One Response to "Isn’t Clarity a Good Thing?"

  • Lisa Gilbertson
    January 11, 2018 - 8:43 pm Reply

    With all of the FA’s being put on probation after three sick calls and Purser’s losing their wings after three sick calls during the worst flu season in years; a legally binding contract is the only safe way to secure your job and your rights. We deserve a legally binding contract. THE PILOTS HAVE A CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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