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Sick: Delta Management Continues Crackdown on Sick Flight Attendants

Our work environment is one of the most dangerous of any profession. We are exposed daily to safety and security threats and nearly every illness known to modern science.

Contaminants, disease, infection, radiation, burns, cuts, falls, and other on-the-job injuries, jet lag, and long, overnight shifts. It’s all in a day’s work.

The CDC has determined many of these conditions cause cancer, and we know that every single one jeopardizes our health!

In spite of all this, Delta Flight Attendants are granted the fewest “sick” hours among industry peers (56 hours of Paid Personal Time) and only 20 percent of what Delta pilots negotiated (270 hours of sick leave).

We don’t begrudge our pilots a strong union contract, but is it right that they receive almost five times what Flight Attendants get?

Management’s crackdown on our sick time usage makes these statistics sting even worse. Flight Attendants are blamed for understaffing, placed on extended probation for temporary disabilities, forced to get doctor’s notes while pilots are not, and leaders have even threatened our future schedule flexibility while all we’re doing is trying to get well!

With an IAM contract, we could negotiate sufficient sick leave. All the rules we create regarding sick leave usage would be applied equally and fairly. If you’re sick of being made to feel worse for calling out sick, it’s time to sign an IAM card.

Sign your card today, so we can get the respect we truly deserve!

If you don’t have an a-card handy, please click the following link and request one by filling out the online form and IAM Delta will mail a card out to you. Thanks!


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2 Responses to "Sick: Delta Management Continues Crackdown on Sick Flight Attendants"

  • Suki
    April 19, 2018 - 6:09 pm Reply

    Absolutely do not get sick. If you do get sick your full time job will become dealing with the scurrilous sedgewick. Your pay will be that of the lowest percentage of the population. If you are married or have a partner with a healthy income this may not be so detrimental. But as a single person you will lose everything you have worked for. Medical bills will escalate and it is a fight with insurance to have a small portion paid. My salary is less than when I was hired 30 years ago. You cannot contribute to retirement plan. There isn’t a cost of living nor any increase in salary. Thus I have lost my house and savings to survive on the minimum. A colleague at United suffers the same illness, we were flying when smoking was rampant, and her lifestyle has barely changed. If she has a problem she calls the union and it is handled. Here sedgewick decides for us, most have a couple of years experience and they tell us how it is to be. We deserve better. I certainly deserve better than to live on the edge after 35 years of service.

    • AA
      May 3, 2018 - 3:02 pm Reply

      Please how are you earning less than you did 30 years ago?

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