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Dear Allison, This is What Keeps Me Up at Night

Please read this awesome response to Allison’s email by a Delta Flight Attendant, IAM activist who forwarded it to the IAM-Delta campaign. For fear of management retaliation, the Delta Flight Attendant asked for her name to be redacted.

Dear Allison,

This is what keeps me up at night.

I’d like you and the entire family to know what keeps me up at night as a Delta flight attendant.

IAM kept awake because you’re firing my friends. Friends and colleagues who adored their careers and DID NOT abuse their PPT. They would give anything to be working right now and contributing to our productivity.

IAM kept awake because I’m told stories everyday about how FAs who would love to be working are out on OJIs because of our "enhanced" bins and galley reconfigurations.

IAM kept awake because when a great FA goes through a hard time, well-meaning FSMs strip them of their purser quals and can’t help them because they’re more afraid of keeping their own jobs than helping the members of their "team."

IAM kept awake when a FA texts me at 8 AM on a Saturday morning asking me if reporting an OJI will get her fired.

IAM kept awake at night when a FA commits suicide while they’re out sick and being harassed by a third party called Sedgewick.

IAM kept awake because FAs are afraid to stand up for themselves and sign union cards; NOT because they don’t want representation, but because they think you’ll fire them if you find out.

So, how about we ALL get some good sleep and work TOGETHER, union and management, to find some thoughtful, reasonable and honest fixes to our problems that work for all of us.

Anonymous Delta Flight Attendant

Request your a-card.

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