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Delta Management Ramping Up Its Divisive Anti-Union Machine

Delta management is ramping up its multi-million dollar, divisive anti-union, anti-flight attendant campaign.

Upper level executives informed base management to employ tactics designed to influence us not to support unionization.

Don't fall for it.

Our right to form a union is protected under federal law. Don't be scared. We have a right to organize and Delta management is prohibited from interfering with our efforts to form a union.

Delta management doesn't want to talk about why they haven't announced our pay increases for next year. Why our health insurance premiums keep rising. Why we don't have a secure pension plan. Why we don't have the right to a fair process when disciplined or terminated.

That's what we should demand Delta management talk about.

The only way to talk about those things is to unionize and negotiate a legally binding contract.

If you haven't signed a card yet, or if your card is expired, request one here and we'll mail it out to you.

If you feel that Delta management has interfered with your federally protected right to form a union click here


One Response to "Delta Management Ramping Up Its Divisive Anti-Union Machine"

  • Lisa Gilbertson
    October 14, 2017 - 1:46 am Reply

    I am taking as much pre-plotted PPT as I can because I had two sick calls one in January 2016 and one in February 2016. One more sick call before January 2017 and I will lose my Purser wings for at least 3 to six months. I usually have zero to one sick call a year and I usually fly a full schedule every month; not any more until after January 2018. That means my fellow FA’s might experience a short crew situation for which I apologize to my fellow FA’s but not to the firm who is implementing new sick call rules that are forcing me to protect myself. With a contract, the firm could not impose this kind of punishment because the sick policy would be negotiated. Just came home from SLC CQ/AQ yesterday. I saw the email Allisen sent out regarding our campaign with all of the lies of harassment. Sure hope the National Mediation Board is aware if this illegal interference. The union is not harassing the Flight Attendants but the firm is surely harassing the Flight Attendants with their threats. Keep safe and take care of each other because the so called big D family is not taking care of us.

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