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IAM-Delta Flight Attendants Hold Planning Meetings in MSP and DTW with Other Bases to Follow


Almost 100 IAM-Delta Flight Attendant activists met this week in MSP and DTW to discuss plans and specific strategies to obtain the remaining amount of IAM election authorization cards (a-cards) to file for a representation election.

“The meetings were very well attended and we got a lot of work done,” said Delta Flight Attendant and MSP Base Lead Tammy Rustad. “I call on all Delta Flight Attendants, from every base, who want the right to vote to form a union to get their cards in. The time is now.”

Five IAM International Representatives also joined the Delta Flight Attendants and reiterated the IAM’s support, solidarity and resources to get the job done.

“The IAM has never wavered in its support of our movement to form a union, said Delta Flight Attendant and DTW Base Lead Victoria Daleo. The IAM has been at our side for over four years now and is fully committed to helping us reach our goals,” “All we have to do is sign a card, get a vote and vote YES. It’s up to us and we CAN and WILL do this.”

Additional planning meetings are scheduled in New York on October 18th, Atlanta on Novemeber 7th, Boston on November 9th and Los Angeles on November 14th. The schedule for other bases is in development.

For more information on the IAM-Delta campaign, visit our website.

If you need to sign, or renew, your IAM card, click here and the IAM will send one out to you.

Remember, cards are only valid for one year. If you are unsure if your card is valid, request a new one.

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