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IAM-Delta Campaign Forces Profit Sharing Change

The IAM-Delta campaign has continually stated that any cut to the Delta Flight Attendants profit sharing plan was wrong. Since 2013, Delta has cut our profit sharing plan, transferring hundreds of millions of dollars from us to Delta. The reason Delta could cut our plan is because it isn’t protected by a legally binding contract.

Delta Air Lines today announced that effective October 1, 2017 they will return to one common profit sharing plan for all Delta employees, which will increase our profit sharing pool. We look forward to Delta releasing the details of our new plan.

Delta didn't initiate this change because they felt it was the right thing to do. They did this because our IAM-Delta campaign has pressured them for over five years to improve our profession. Delta is seeing the growth in our campaign and our strong unified voice. They are cognizant of the power of one undivided message and know each day our voice is becoming louder and stronger!

Today, we can celebrate a well-deserved gain, but the real victory is when we can negotiate improvements like profit sharing into an IAM contract.

Be proud IAM-Delta Activists. Be proud of our movement every day. Imagine what we could do when we gain collective bargaining rights. Imagine how we could improve our profession, our airline.

We must continue to be ONE, and by doing so, we will continue to be EMPOWERED!

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