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Consistency. It’s a Thing.

You know what’s so totally random? Pretty much everything around here.

Will two absences trigger a documented warning? Three? Maybe it’s one. Like everything else, it depends. On the FSM’s record, on the time of year, on who you know.

Without a contract, inconsistency is the rule, not the exception.

Every IAM contract defines a consistent, progressive disciplinary process and grievance procedure. If you’re treated unfairly, your IAM rep files a grievance and the company is required to respond. If that response is unsatisfactory, an independent arbitrator can compel management to make you whole and purge your record.

A clean slate. That’s the power of a union.

Enough randomness already. Let’s build predictability into our first IAM Delta contract.

Renew your card and your commitment. Our time has come.

IAM the Brand.
IAM the Future.
IAM Delta

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