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Fairness. It’s a Thing.


When we reach max duty, the door slams and we’re forced to continue.
When pilots time out, they pull back to the gate and deplane for legal rest.

If we walk, we’re on hold for hours, made to feel we’ve done Atlanta wrong.
Pilots are snuggled in bed without shame.

We’re coughed, sneezed, and vomited on, with 56 hours of annual paid personal time.
They negotiated 270 hours of sick time, reflecting the risks of working in a test tube.

When we’re injured at work, we’re forced to exhaust precious PPT.
They get 90 days of paid accident leave before anyone touches their sick bank.

We need random doctor’s notes on unpaid holidays like Labor Day. (Irony, much?)
They don’t need an excuse for the first 100 sick hours used.

Pilots earned their legitimacy through union activism, lobbying, and measured negotiations, not through hoping, wishing, and endless “anonymous” surveys.

Life isn’t always fair, but it’s infinitely better with a respected contract.

Renew your card and your commitment. Our time has come.

IAM the Brand.
IAM the Future.
IAM Delta.

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