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Summer’s Coming. Stop the Havoc. Sign an IAM Card Today!

Delta Leaders to Delta FAs:

STOP getting hurt
STOP getting sick
STOP taking crew rest
STOP taking summer vacation
STOP calling scheduling

IAM Activists to Delta FAs:

START having a voice
START taking control
START being respected
START making positive changes
START by signing an IAM card

An IAM contract will clarify IROPS, sick policy, crew rest minimums, vacation allotments, staffing requirements for increased service, and meaningful overtime pay.







2 Responses to "Summer’s Coming. Stop the Havoc. Sign an IAM Card Today!"

  • Lisa Gilbertson
    June 7, 2017 - 3:36 am Reply

    Touche’ IAM. We need you! An example that happened today. Crew rest bunk area could not be used and has been written in the log book for two weeks. KLM told us they were only going to give us four passenger seats (not in business class.) However, we needed 5 crew rest break seats. KLM: “you only get four seats.” My reply: “what is the fifth FA supposed to do; stand on his/her head or occupy an overhead bin.”The Pilot contract requires a business class seat if the crew bunks can not be used due to a mechanical. With a contract, we would not be “thrown under the bus” regarding crew rest. We were lucky the load was light so we all got a seat for break. This aircraft has been flying around for two plus weeks with an unusable crew bunk area. The company has 29 days to fix the problem! Do you think aircraft tracking could move this ship to New York or Boston where crew rest on AMS flights is not taken due to a short flight plan? Do you think anyone in aircraft placement has the ability to comprehend this situation and make the right decision? Do you think the firm really cares about the Flight Attendants? “I DON’T.” Please sign a card so we can get the election we deserve instead of the disrespect we are receiving! Obviously the company laughs behind closed doors. Enough is enough!

    • lrother
      June 7, 2017 - 6:09 pm Reply

      Exactly! Lisa, if you’d like to be an activist or get involved in organizing please let your base lead know.

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