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What Does Delta’s Advocacy Policy Really Say?



The mere fact that Delta HAS an advocacy policy says a lot. Its very existence quantifies that Delta management will do everything possible to prevent us from advocating! (Read about your federal rights here)

We CAN have IAM bag tags in non-work areas.

We CAN wear an IAM pin in the same places a service pin is approved.

We CAN distribute materials, such as cards, flyers, and pins.

We CAN discuss representation, our IAM card drive, working conditions, profit sharing cuts, even real-life examples of management's prejudice against pro-union employees, as long as those conversations don't disrupt the operation.

The following are not work areas:

  • Hallway leading to the lounge.
  • The elevator and concourse.
  • The bus and parking lot.
  • The dining tables in lounges, the couches, chairs, coffee maker area, etc.
  • The hotel lobby, bar, restaurant, and any mode of transportation to and from those places.

All are non-work areas!!

FSMs have trouble enforcing the intentionally confusing policy. We feel for them! Most are not lawyers or third-party persuaders. They're just coworkers trying to defend the indefensible.

Comply with all management requests regarding advocacy — even if you believe that request is unjustified — noting the date, time, exact location, and manager's full name. Then file an online interference report during your next non-work downtime!

Talking about IAM is not soliciting. Wearing a pin is not an advocacy activity. Deliberating about working conditions, suppression, and our history is called educating, and it is permitted EVERYWHERE it doesn't disrupt the operation.

Don't default to silence.

Know your audience, know your rights, and know you are right. Sign an IAM card today and establish REAL advocacy for our group!




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