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Rumor Has It Wrong

really-againThere they go again. In Friday's “Rumor Has It,” Delta management once again makes the false claim that by signing an election authorization card (a-card) we are somehow taking a “risk.”

This spurious claim, used in every single anti-union campaign, is only meant to scare us from exercising our federal right to request the National Mediation Board (NMB)—a federal agency—to conduct a representation election. Delta management will do, and has done, everything in its power to prevent us from deciding the question of union representation by ourselves, without their meddling in our affairs.

Signing an a-card only means we want the right to vote. That’s it. To decide ourselves whether we want to unionize or not. Ask yourself why Delta management doesn’t want us to vote.

The reason is they fear a unified Delta Flight Attendant group that would have the legal right to negotiate a fair and equitable contract. Delta management loves the current system in which they decide for us. They decide when and how much of a raise we receive. They decide how much to increase our health insurance costs. They decide when and how much to cut our profit sharing. They decide, and they like it that way.

Don’t fall for Delta management’s scare tactics. All Delta Flight Attendants with an address on file will receive an a-card in the mail in the coming days. Many of us have already received our a-cards. Sign, date and return your a-card as soon as you get it, and do so without fear. Delta management is prohibited under federal law from ever knowing who signed an a-card!

We deserve the right to vote. We deserve the right to decide the union representation question ourselves without Delta management’s continued attempts to dissuade us from seeking to exercise our lawful rights.

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  • Michele
    December 16, 2016 - 10:58 am Reply

    And don’t fall for the “any union but IAM” ploy. We need a CONTRACT! Management already got away with this when we merged. The slogan then was “No way AFA” This is divide and conquer 101. I can’t imagine any union being willing to spend millions if flight attendants turn down yet another chance to NEGOTIATE.

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