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Did-you-knowQUESTION: We are the most profitable airline in the world, but every major Flight Attendant group is leapfrogging over us with new contracts. Why hasn’t Delta announced a pay raise?

ANSWER: Historically, base pay increases have occurred when unionized groups at other carriers announce negotiated improvements.

While every increase to base pay is welcome, superior work rules and value-enhancing benefits at union carriers—with IAM-represented airline workers leading the way—far outpace Delta’s incremental pay restoration.

IAM negotiators recently bargained approximately 20-25 percent base wage increases for represented work groups at United and American, industry-best IAM National Pension Plan increases and over a quarter of a BILLION dollars in retroactive and signing bonus payments!

Southwest, American, and United Flight Attendants are currently reaping the benefits of having a legal contract in the post-consolidation world also.

When American Airlines’ Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement was released in 2014, Delta corporate trumpeted a rate increase the same day. That increase, however, was well short of industry-leading AND was offset by a reduction in our profit sharing, increased health insurance and prescription costs, among other cost-reducing or efficiency enhancing initiatives.

If history repeats itself, executives will be “surprising and delighting” us with pay increases very soon. They’re hoping to keep our minds off the more valuable, negotiated deals of unionized airline workers. And the announcement should be just in time for open enrollment’s “gotcha” rate hikes this fall!

One step forward, two steps back.

When unionized Delta pilots rejected an agreement that included detrimental profit sharing adjustments, Delta corporate unilaterally instituted those unwelcome changes on us.

A HUGE step back.

United Flight Attendants recently ratified a new contract containing over $1 billion in value increases. Their agreement contains hundreds of pages clearly outlining everything from base pay and work rules to health benefits and job security—all legally protected in our volatile industry.

American Airlines’ Flight Attendant agreement provides for even further increases based on United’s contract. That’s the power of collective bargaining.

If executives respected and admired us, as they claim, we would be well ahead of our competition, not falling behind or simply keeping pace. We are part of Delta’s industry leading success, and we deserve to be recognized with an industry leading contract that fortifies our position and secures our future.

It’s time to step forward without looking back!

Sign, date, mail, and verify your IAM card today!

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One Response to "Did You Know?"

  • Lisa Gilbertson
    September 28, 2016 - 5:36 am Reply

    So tired and so sad about the misfortune NWA has had to deal with merging with DELTA. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would become a part of this company. We have lost so much and people just don’t get this fact. We lost Quarterly Overtime, Retiree Health Insurance, Work Rules, quality employee health care insurance and benefits to name a few things. We keep being told that we are a family. I think not! My family would never ask me for a Doctor’s note for a sick call. I would be trusted that when I say I am sick that I am truly sick.” The fact that we no longer have a healthy working relationship with our Pilots throws Crew Resource Management out the window. The Pilots and Flight Attendants at NWA had each others backs and we looked out for each other. I have not experienced one example of a good working relationship among Pilots and Flight Attendants since the merger. In fact, I was told by an A320 pre-merger Delta Pilot that: “I do not want the Flight Attendants to have a Union because I do not want to share a piece of my pie.”

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