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Unionized Delta Pilots Make Voice Heard, Demand 37 Percent Pay Hikes to 2019

Delta Pilots picket headquarters.

Delta Pilots picket headquarters.

When workers form a union, they have a LEGAL right to negotiate and have an influence on what their pay, benefits and working conditions will be. It's not anti-company, it's pro-empowerment and smart. And they have the right to take their disagreement public.

Unionized Delta Pilots are negotiating for more pay--including opposing the profit sharing cut that was imposed on us--better benefits and improved working conditions. Because they're unionized, they have that right. We don't. We don't because we haven't formed a union of Delta Flight Attendants.

The truth is, forming a union will help us and benefit Delta. Did you know that Alaska Airlines is a unionized carrier and wins the coveted JD Power and Associates award every year?

New contracts are being negotiated and approved by union members all over the airline industry and we are--ONCE AGAIN--falling behind while working for the most successful airline in the world.

28,000 IAM members at United this year approved contracts with industry-best job security, pension benefits and wage increases of 19-33 percent. IAM members at American just received 25 percent wage increases, pension increases and job security improvements, while still negotiating a joint contract, making them the highest paid in the industry (wage increases in effect 11/16 at UA and AA).

And, unionized industry Flight Attendants have surpassed us. AA, UA and SWA all have higher wages, better benefits and better working conditions than we do. There is no doubt that we should be industry-leading in every aspect just as Delta Pilots are demanding. We deserve it.

To get the union election we deserve, at least 50 percent of Delta Flight Attendants must sign a-cards.

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