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IAM the Future

IAM the Future

Are you a new Delta Flight Attendant? Congratulations and welcome aboard!

Our IAM Delta campaign believes strongly in balance between Delta management and Delta Flight Attendants. That balance can only be achieved through Union representation. "With Union representation, you ALWAYS take a step forward, never a step back."

Why is that message powerful? Because it's true. The following is a list of the first 10 things that will happen when we become
Union members:

1) Personal Job Security. We're no longer at-will employees. Gone will be the days of termination without legal due process. Our dues equal legal
representation and objective, fair treatment.

2) Freedom of Speech. Why do we hear so many Union members speaking up in public? Because they can!

3) Democracy. Our current terms of employment become “status quo” the day we elect Union representation, meaning the corporation can't take away anything. We’ll soon have a democratic vote to pass our first negotiated contract, and we wouldn't vote to accept an agreement that didn't move us forward, right?

4) Fairness. Disparate treatment goes away, and disciplinary processes are agreed to in our contract.

5) Transparency. With representation, we’ll have a team of analysts, lawyers and actuaries with access to real data, so what we seek in negotiations is legitimate, transparent and realistic.

6) Respect. One reason Flight Attendants sign cards is because we want to be treated like adult professionals. Union members at other airlines even have a seat on the board of directors at their company. We should as well.

7) Medical Insurance. We can do better with a legal voice. Our employer is required to negotiate contractual insurance benefits that can’t be changed without our legal consent.

8) Retirement. We could choose to negotiate a secure pension, which allows senior Flight Attendants to retire…and improves our seniority!

9) Scope. This is job security on a larger scale. Scope language is negotiated regarding mergers, code-share flying, outsourcing, etc. Scope protects our workgroup in a changing industry, and we can't have that protection without representation. Our pilots realize that.

10) Possibilities! There are countless ways IAM members employ Union resources to benefit society: higher education and leadership training through IAM’s Winpisinger Center, participating in Guide Dogs of America, Helmets to Hardhats, or Wheelchairs in Panama, even lobbying Congress to better our middle class. Imagine our potential to shape history!

Start today: to request an election authorization card.

Sign, date, mail and self-verify; then vote YES for IAM!

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