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They Tried to Bury Us. They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds

Bury SeedsPosters, balloons, food, flyers, pop-ups, emails, web sites, mailers, contests, prizes, selfies, videos, monologues, messages, top tier base visits, shoe shines, manicures…

ENOUGH! We get it.

Delta management doesn’t want us to share control in divisional decisions, instead they try to divert our attention with irrelevant fluff. It leads many to ask, “Why aren’t IAM organizers sitting visibility anymore, communicating with Delta Flight Attendants like they used to?"

Because Delta management makes all the rules, without our input.

Not long ago, IAM-Delta activists were permitted to sit visibility in non-work areas to communicate with our colleagues and share the benefits of IAM representation. Then the managerial hammer came down in the form of a revised advocacy policy.

IAM-Delta activist organizers are NO LONGER PERMITTED to put out a stack of flyers, prop up an IAM sign, or have otherwise “message bearing” materials in “work areas” or in areas “not being used for work purposes."

This action is meant to prevent IAM-Delta activists from communicating with our colleagues about the benefits of union representation, plain and simple. Our lounge presence has been nearly stamped out by unclear corporate policy. Confused by advocacy memos? You’re supposed to be. It’s part of the plan.

Absent the obvious advantage of life-sized corporate advertisements in employee common areas, or continuous electronic messaging in the lounges, our grassroots campaign became creative in our approach to workplace organizing. We’re out there, you just have to speak up to find us.

Managers may not prohibit us from talking about IAM representation during working time, since they permit us to talk about other non-work-related matters during working time. Freedom of speech still exists—we may engage in considerate, informational conversations at work, on layovers, on Facebook, in the lounges and on hotel buses!

We ARE allowed to wear a union pin. We ARE permitted to display a tag that “conveys a message or advocates a position,” but not in “work areas or on work time” (creating a constant flip-the-tag game many have chosen not to play).

Without a level playing field for IAM communications, Delta Flight Attendants must help each other maintain our card-collecting momentum. Proudly display your IAM pin at work! Talk about the benefits of representation, just like you would your favorite Instagrammer or smoothie recipe! We do have rights, no matter how watered-down by internal policy.

Update your IAM card so we can get to a fair election. Sign, date, return and self-verify today!

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